Epic Himalayan vistas, golden temples and jungle wildlife watching – Nepal is one of the world’s iconic travel destinations. Here’s your fast track to getting the most from this truly amazing country.

Nepal is arguably the world’s greatest trekking destination, and you could spend years exhausting all of its incredible Himalayan trails. But with such a range of routes, durations, geography and trekking styles to choose from, picking the right 2 days hiking for you can be daunting.

Whether overnighting in teahouses on mountainsides, some of the best 2 days trekking on the planet are found among the peaks and valleys of Nepal. We plot a route for every kind of adventure. Nepalese villages and past Hindu pagodas as you traverse the infamous and iconic Himalayan mountain range.

Even if you’re just passing through or visiting for a long weekend, trekking in Nepal is an essential experience. Here are the best 2 days trekking in Nepal that can be completed in less than three days. On these treks, you will walk in the lower altitudes with the bearable temperature and weather conditions.

Along with the easy trails, these short treks best fulfill your desire to catch the stunning mountain views and the amazing landscapes.

Popular Options for 2-Day Trekking in Nepal

Sankhu – Nagarkot – Changunarayan Trek

Sankhu to Nagarkot is among popular 2 day hiking in Kathmandu that starts from Sankhu. This trek is also called trek for nature and temples.

Located just 25 miles from the capital, the Kathmandu valley trek is the perfect option if you’re just passing through the city. Don’t think you’re missing out on anything though – the valley trek offers stunning scenery, cultural heritage, and spectacular views – all rolled into just 2 days. You begin in the town of sankhu before trekking up into the hills. You pass through several traditional villages, taking in the terraced rice fields and lush forests.

You stay overnight in the village of Nagarkot, famous for its incredible sunrise views over the Himalayas. The trek ends at the stunning Changunarayan temple – a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. The temple dates back to the 5th century AD and is considered to be the oldest temple in the Kathmandu Valley.

Itinerary at a Glance
Day 01– Drive to Sankhu (1,410m), trek to Nagarkot (2,175m) (4 Hrs Trek and 1.5 Hrs drive). Overnight at Nagarkot.

Day 02– Trek Changunarayan (1,500m) and drive back to Kathmandu (1,400m). You stop for lunch or breakfast in Bhaktapur (1,401m). You can also take part in a Kathmandu Itinerary 2 Day here. (2 hours hike and 1-hour drive)

Pokhara – Australian Camp – Dhampus – Pokhara

The Pokhara – Australian Camp – Dhampus Trek is a mountain trek in the beautiful mountains of the Annapurna. The trekking offers gorgeous views over the valleys and stunning views of the Annapurna Mountain range. This 2 days hiking trip can be done all year round and is also suitable for people without any hiking experience (like me) as the highest point is around 2000 meter.It gives a great impression of the Himalayas in all her magnificence. From sunrise to sunset the colors will keep on changing offering the most incredible views. You spend the night in a hut at the Australian Camp, halfway the trekking. It’s a beautiful camp surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Himalaya. You can go camping too. A great experience!.

Itinerary at a Glance
Day 01– Drive Pokhara to Kande and trek to Australian Camp (2100m) (4 Hrs Trek and 1.5 Hrs drive). Overnight at Australian Camp.

Day 02– Trek to Phedi via beautiful village of Dhampus. Drive to Pokhara. (3 hours hike and 1-hour drive)

Pokhara – Ghandruk – Pokhara Trek

Ghandruk is a well-loved trekking destination that’s an essential stop on the short Ghandruk Trek, as well as a fixture on other longer treks in the Annapurna Himalaya, such as the Annapurna Circuit. It’s easily accessible from Pokhara through a combination of road travel and trekking. Ghandruk Trek 2 days 1 night is the best trek for those who want to see the Himalayas in a close distance, yet who has only 3 days 2 night from Pokhara. From Ghandruk Village, you can see Annapurna South (7219m), Machhapurchre (Fishtail) (6993 m), Himchuli (6441m), Gangapurna (7455m) and many more in a very close distance. As if, you can touch the mountains with your fingers. If you are looking at more challenging short treks in Pokhara, you can consider to do the Poon Hill Trek 4 days, with maximum altitude of 3210m.

Itinerary at a Glance
Day 01– Pokhara to Nayapul ( By Car 1 hr drive ) – Sauwli Bazzar ( Lunch ) – Ghandruk ( nearly 6 hrs walking ). Overnight at Ghandruk.

Day 02– Trek to Ghandruk – Birethanti – Nayapul and Drive to Pokhara. (5 hours hike and 1-hour drive)

Physical Fitness for 2 Days Treks in Nepal

Two of the most common hiking injuries are ankle rolling and ankle sprains. If you’re out of shape or just haven’t been active for a while, start with some basic exercises to warm up your muscles and get your heart rate up. To enjoy your holiday to its best get yourself in good physical shape for the activity you are going to undertake. For all our 2 days trekking holidays you tend to move at a low steady pace but for a short period of time, days in the mountains can be anything from 4-5hrs or less in length.

Cost of 2 Days Hikes in Nepal

There are many factors that determine the total cost for your trek. Most tour and trek operators charge around USD $135-180 for a 2 days trekking in Nepal.

Things to Know about 2 Day Treks in Nepal

  • Choose off-season if you prefer quiet and peaceful trekking experience.
  • Wear a comfortable pair of hiking shoe as you will be walking for hours.
  • Choose a suitable season and pack accordingly.
  • You can opt for local homestays during the trek. This will help support a local family and at the same time give you an authentic Nepali culture experience.
  • While trekking, make sure to drink plenty of water to ensure a comfortable and safe trek.
  • You can take these treks Solo, in groups, and with or without guide or porters.
  • Walk slow and take your own pace while enjoying the surrounding nature.
  • For an easier and more informative trek, hire a guide.

This range is due to the inclusion or exclusion of the following cost.

  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Transportation (To and from the start and end points of the actual Trek)
  • Transportation (To and from Kathmandu- For some treks this may be the same as the above)
  • Entrance Fees (Permits needed or National Park Entry Fee)
  • Accommodation (3-5 star Hotels or homestays)
  • Trekking Guide (A professional, licensed guide)

Packing Essential for 2 Days Trekking in Nepal

The time you choose to do the trek along with its weather conditions will dictate much of what you should pack. Yet, the general guideline for your 2 day treks in Nepal is as follows:

  • Long trousers or shorts (Depending on the weather you trek)
  • Full or half sleeve tops
  • Outer (shell) layer: A jacket or coat (heavy or light, waterproof or not depends on the weather).
  • Extra socks
  • Hat and gloves (if you choose winter for these treks)
  • Sunglasses
  • Change of innerwear (Optional)
  • Backpack with cover (will keep your belongings dry and clean)
  • Snacks (great for motivation and energy boosting)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sunblock/sunscreen
  • Bandana (to protect from the dust in the paths near the cities)
  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer (some of the toilets on the way may not have toilet paper or/and soap)
  • First aid supplies.
  • Hiking poles (great for the descents).

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Nepal Tour has been pioneering sustainable and responsible tourism and travel in Nepal since 2009. We offer unique and exciting adventures in some of the world’s most incredible places. Our trips, tours and activities are designed to offer you a unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience that is culturally and spiritually insightful whilst holding true to our environmental and social and cultural sustainability values and responsibilities.

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Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nagarkot beckons with its pristine beauty, offering a breathtaking escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Just 32 kilometers east of the capital, this charming hill station sits at an altitude of 2,195 meters, providing awe-inspiring panoramic views of the world’s highest peaks, including the majestic Mt. Everest.

As the first light of dawn bathes the snow-capped mountains in golden hues, Nagarkot becomes a canvas of ethereal beauty—a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and those seeking respite in serenity.

Sunrise Splendor: Begin Your Day in Awe

Rise early to experience the enchanting sunrise over the Himalayas. The Nagarkot sunrise is legendary, and for a good reason. The mountains, bathed in golden hues, create a surreal landscape that is a photographer’s dream.

The Nagarkot View Tower is a popular vantage point, offering an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the majestic peaks. As the sun ascends, casting a warm glow over the landscape, you’ll find yourself captivated by the sheer beauty and tranquility of this unique vantage point.

Hiking Adventures: Explore the Lush Trails

Embark on a hiking expedition through the verdant trails that encircle Nagarkot. The Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail is a favorite among visitors, leading you through charming villages, terraced fields, and dense forests. The cool mountain air and the serenity of the landscape make it an ideal retreat for those seeking a rejuvenating escape.

While navigating the meandering trails, you’ll come across a variety of flora and fauna, infusing an element of discovery into your journey. Take a moment to connect with nature, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and relish the sense of freedom that accompanies each step.

Tranquil Retreat: RV Camping Amidst Nature’s Beauty

For those seeking a unique camping experience, Nagarkot offers RV camping sites where you can immerse yourself in the natural surroundings while enjoying the comforts of your mobile home. Set up camp against the backdrop of the Himalayas and indulge in stargazing nights by the mountains.

If you wish to transport your RV conveniently, consider utilizing RV haulers, offering flexibility to explore the region at your own pace. This allows you to carve your own path, discovering hidden gems and serene spots, all while relishing the convenience and comfort of your mobile abode.

Cultural Immersion: Discover Local Traditions

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Nagarkot by visiting local villages and interacting with the warm and friendly residents. Engage in traditional activities, savor authentic Nepali cuisine, and witness vibrant cultural performances.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of daily life, gaining a deeper understanding of the region’s unique traditions and customs. Share conversations with locals, listen to their stories, and partake in age-old customs. The cultural immersion in Nagarkot extends beyond observation, inviting you to actively participate in the vibrant tapestry of local life.

Adventure Beyond: Scenic Resorts and Beyond

Nagarkot boasts a range of scenic resorts that offer a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. Unwind in comfort while enjoying stunning views from your accommodation. Many resorts feature terraces or balconies that provide an unobstructed view of the Himalayas, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the surroundings in complete tranquility.

After a day of exploration, return to these havens of relaxation, where you can indulge in spa treatments, exquisite dining experiences, and the warmth of traditional Nepali hospitality. Your evenings become a symphony of comfort and natural grandeur.

Introduce Nepal as a diverse and culturally rich country, renowned for its majestic landscapes and vibrant traditions. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal beckons adventurers with its snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and ancient heritage.

From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the serene villages tucked away in the mountains, Nepal offers a tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored. Its rich cultural tapestry is woven with the threads of Hinduism, Buddhism, and myriad ethnic traditions, creating a melting pot of customs, festivals, and rituals.

As travelers traverse the winding paths of Nepal, they encounter not just breathtaking scenery but also the warm hospitality of its people, whose resilience and spirit are as enduring as the mountains that cradle their homes. In this land of hidden gems, every corner holds a story waiting to be told, a landscape waiting to be discovered, and an experience waiting to be cherished.

Remote Villages and Communities

Discovering Hidden Treasures in the Himalayan Foothills:

Embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas. Tansen, Bandipur, and Marpha stand as testament to Nepal’s cultural richness and natural splendor, offering a respite from the beaten path. Here, travelers are invited to immerse themselves in the rhythm of local life, where time seems to slow down amidst the tranquility of rural existence.

Boudhanath Stupa | Explore Incredible Heritage Sites
Boudhanath Stupa | Explore Incredible Heritage Sites

Engage with the welcoming communities, where smiles are as warm as the mountain sun, and hospitality knows no bounds. Witness age-old traditions come to life as you participate in sacred rituals, vibrant festivals, and traditional dances that have been passed down through generations.

Embarking on Authentic Homestay Experiences:

Dive deep into the heart of Nepalese rural life through immersive homestay programs that offer a window into the soul of these lesser-known villages. Exchange skyscrapers for snow-capped peaks and bustling streets for serene landscapes as you become part of the local fabric. Experience the daily rhythms of village life firsthand, from tending to crops in the fields to preparing traditional meals with fresh ingredients sourced from the land.

Engage in insightful conversations with your hosts, who generously share stories of their heritage, customs, and beliefs. As night falls, gather around the hearth to savor the warmth of community bonds, fueled by laughter, song, and the timeless tales of Nepalese folklore. Through homestays, travelers not only witness but also become integral participants in the rich tapestry of Nepalese rural culture, forging connections that transcend borders and leave indelible memories.

Trekking Off the Beaten Path

Beyond the Classics:

Step into the realm of adventure and exploration as you venture beyond the well-trodden paths of Nepal’s famous trekking routes. The Manaslu Circuit, Langtang Valley, and Upper Mustang beckon with their untamed beauty and promise of unforgettable experiences. Embark on the Manaslu Circuit trek to traverse rugged terrain adorned with pristine forests, roaring rivers, and cascading waterfalls.

Manaslu Larke Pass Trekking
Manaslu Larke Pass Trekking

Marvel at the towering peaks of the Langtang Valley, where the sacred glaciers of the Himalayas glisten in the sunlight, and encounter the Tamang and Sherpa communities, renowned for their hospitality and rich cultural heritage.

For an exhilarating escape into the digital realm, immerse yourself in the thrilling world of online gaming platforms like Vulkan Bet. Journey to the remote kingdom of Upper Mustang, where ancient traditions and Tibetan Buddhism intertwine amidst the stark beauty of the Mustang Valley. These lesser-known routes offer a glimpse into Nepal’s diverse landscapes and allow travelers to forge a deeper connection with the land and its people.

Cultural Encounters on Foot:

Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Nepal as you traverse off-the-beaten-path trails that lead to hidden monasteries, nomadic settlements, and vibrant festivals. Explore remote monasteries like Tengboche, where the chanting of monks fills the air with a sense of serenity, or Tsum Valley, known as the “hidden valley of happiness,” where ancient Buddhist traditions thrive amidst dramatic mountain scenery.

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

Encounter nomadic herders as you trek through the sacred landscapes of Dolpo, where the Bonpo culture reigns supreme and yaks roam freely across the rugged terrain. Experience the magic of traditional festivals like the Mani Rimdu in the Everest region, where masked dancers perform ancient rituals to appease the gods and ward off evil spirits.

These cultural encounters offer a glimpse into a world untouched by time, where ancient customs and beliefs continue to shape the lives of those who call the Himalayas home.

Trekking Route Main Attractions Duration Difficulty
Manaslu Circuit Pristine forests, roaring rivers, Tamang and Sherpa communities 14-16 days Challenging
Langtang Valley Sacred glaciers, Tamang and Sherpa communities 10-12 days Moderate
Upper Mustang Ancient traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, stark beauty 12-14 days Moderate

Hidden Temples and Shrines

Unveiling Nepal’s Spiritual Treasures:

Embark on a mystical journey to uncover the hidden gems of Nepal’s spiritual landscape, where ancient temples and monasteries hold secrets waiting to be revealed. From the majestic Tengboche Monastery, perched high in the Himalayas, to the sacred Muktinath Temple, nestled in the remote Mustang region, each site boasts unique architectural marvels and profound spiritual significance.

Muktinath Tour Package
Muktinath Tour Package

Explore the Swyambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, where the eyes of the Buddha watch over the Kathmandu Valley, offering solace and serenity to all who visit. These spiritual sanctuaries serve as oases of tranquility, inviting travelers to connect with their inner selves and experience the profound wisdom that permeates the air.

Embarking on a Sacred Journey:

Prepare to embark on a transformative pilgrimage to the remote shrines and sacred sites that dot the Nepalese countryside. Journey to Tansen’s Palpa Bhairab Temple, where the fierce deity Bhairab stands guard, protecting the town from harm and evil spirits.

Ascend to the heights of Gorkha’s Manakamana Temple, where devotees come to seek blessings and fulfill their deepest desires. Explore the ancient Shey Gompa in Dolpo, where the echoes of ancient legends and rituals reverberate through the tranquil surroundings, offering a glimpse into Nepal’s rich spiritual heritage.

These sacred sites offer not only a chance to delve into ancient traditions but also an opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual growth amidst the serene beauty of nature.

Alternative Adventure Activities

Unraveling Thrills Beyond Trekking:

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure beyond the conventional paths, exploring alternative activities that offer a fresh perspective on Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes. Feel the exhilaration of soaring through the skies as you paraglide over the tranquil waters of Pokhara’s Phewa Lake, where panoramic views of the surrounding mountains create an unforgettable experience.

Challenge your limits with a thrilling rock climbing expedition amidst the untamed wilderness of Nagarjun Forest, where rugged cliffs and dense foliage provide the ultimate adrenaline rush for outdoor enthusiasts. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you navigate the gentle currents of the Karnali River on a bamboo rafting excursion, offering a unique way to explore the natural wonders of Nepal.

Exploring Extreme Sports Hotspots:

Dive into the heart of adventure in emerging hotspots such as Pokhara, Bandipur, and Bardiya National Park, where a myriad of outdoor pursuits await under the guidance of experienced instructors. Pokhara, known as the adventure capital of Nepal, offers an array of activities including paragliding, zip-lining, and bungee jumping, set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas.

Nepal Adventure Activities
Nepal Adventure Activities

Bandipur, with its quaint charm and picturesque scenery, provides the perfect setting for mountain biking, hiking, and paragliding adventures amidst the tranquil countryside. Meanwhile, Bardiya National Park beckons with thrilling wildlife safaris, river rafting expeditions, and jungle treks, offering an immersive experience amidst the untouched wilderness of Nepal.

Activity Location Highlights Difficulty
Paragliding Pokhara Breathtaking views, Himalayan backdrop Moderate
Rock Climbing Nagarjun Forest Rugged terrain, challenging routes Difficult
Bamboo Rafting Karnali River Scenic beauty, tranquil waters Easy

Local Culinary Scene

Indulge in Culinary Adventures:

Nepal’s culinary landscape is a treasure trove of flavors waiting to be explored. From the tantalizing aromas of Newari delicacies like momos (dumplings) and chatamari (rice crepes) to the hearty comfort of Thakali specialties such as dal bhat (lentil soup with rice) and buckwheat pancakes, each dish tells a story of tradition and culture.

Venture into hidden eateries tucked away in narrow alleyways and bustling street food stalls teeming with locals, where you can dive into the heart of Nepalese cuisine and savor the authentic flavors that define the country’s culinary identity.

Culinary Experiences:

Immerse yourself in Nepal’s rich gastronomic heritage with a variety of culinary experiences that offer a deeper insight into the local way of life. Enroll in cooking classes led by skilled chefs to learn the art of crafting traditional dishes using locally sourced ingredients and time-honored techniques.

Embark on food tours guided by passionate food enthusiasts, wandering through vibrant markets and historic neighborhoods to sample a diverse array of street food and regional specialties. For a truly unforgettable experience, opt for farm-to-table adventures where you can harvest fresh produce from organic farms, participate in cooking demonstrations, and dine on freshly prepared meals in the picturesque settings of rural Nepal, all while supporting sustainable agriculture and local communities.

Ending Notes

Embracing the Journey:

As we bid farewell to our expedition through the hidden gems of Nepal, we are reminded that true adventure lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself. Venturing off the beaten path opens doors to a exciting world of enchantment and discovery, where each winding trail leads to new horizons and unforeseen treasures.

In Nepal, the allure of off-the-beaten-path travel beckons intrepid explorers with promises of enriching encounters, breathtaking landscapes, and immersive cultural experiences. Beyond the confines of tourist hotspots, hidden villages and remote temples reveal the soul of a nation steeped in tradition and heritage. It is here, amidst the rugged beauty of the Himalayas and the warm hospitality of local communities, that travelers find solace and inspiration, forging connections that transcend language and borders.

As we reflect on our journey, let us remember that the true magic of travel lies in embracing the unknown, embracing the journey, and embracing the extraordinary experiences that await those willing to explore beyond the tourist trail.


1. What sets off-the-beaten-path travel experiences in Nepal apart?

Off-the-beaten-path travel experiences in Nepal offer a distinctive journey away from mainstream tourist destinations. These experiences allow travelers to uncover hidden treasures, immerse themselves in local cultures, and witness breathtaking landscapes that are often overlooked by conventional tourism.

2. Why should I opt for off-the-beaten-path travel in Nepal?

Choosing off-the-beaten-path travel in Nepal provides an opportunity to escape the crowds and delve deeper into the country’s authentic charm. It offers a chance to engage with local communities, experience genuine cultural immersion, and explore lesser-known destinations that hold their own unique allure.

3. Is off-the-beaten-path travel safe in Nepal?

While off-the-beaten-path travel in Nepal may involve rugged terrain and limited infrastructure, it can be safe with proper preparation and precautions. Travelers are advised to stay informed about local conditions, travel with experienced guides if necessary, and exercise caution in remote areas to ensure a secure and enjoyable journey.

4. What hidden gems can I uncover in Nepal?

Nepal boasts a myriad of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From remote mountain villages and off-the-grid trekking trails to secluded monasteries and ancient temples, there are endless opportunities for exploration and cultural enrichment. Venturing off the beaten path allows travelers to uncover hidden treasures and experience the authentic essence of Nepal.

5. How can I support local communities during off-the-beaten-path travel in Nepal?

Supporting local communities during off-the-beaten-path travel in Nepal is crucial for sustainable tourism. Travelers can contribute by patronizing locally-owned businesses, participating in community-based initiatives, and respecting local customs and traditions. Engaging in responsible tourism practices helps empower local communities and preserves Nepal’s cultural heritage.

6. What essentials should I pack for an off-the-beaten-path adventure in Nepal?

When embarking on an off-the-beaten-path adventure in Nepal, it’s important to pack essential items such as sturdy footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, a first-aid kit, and ample water and snacks. Additionally, carrying navigation tools, a flashlight, sunscreen, and insect repellent can enhance comfort and safety while exploring remote areas.

7. How can I discover off-the-beaten-path experiences in Nepal?

Finding off-the-beaten-path experiences in Nepal requires a spirit of exploration and adventure. Travelers can seek recommendations from locals, experienced guides, and fellow travelers, as well as utilize online resources such as travel forums, blogs, and social media platforms to uncover hidden gems and unique experiences off the tourist trail.

Are you visiting Nepal for a short period? Willing to explore in a short time then this short treks in Nepal blog post will guide you.

Short treks of Nepal are best for those who are short on time but want to experience the joy of trekking in Nepal. Bask in the picturesque beauty of verdant hills and mountains and walk on trails that pass through villages, farmlands, forests, and alongside the river. Experience warm local hospitality and get an insight into the local culture.

We will try to list out the popular trekking region, which is famous for short treks in Nepal. These are the best destination available for quick trekking around Nepal.

If any of this listed short treks, you would like to make an inquiry please drop us a e-mail to: [email protected]. We will be happy to answer

Here, we have put together a list of 6 short treks in Nepal for beginners and all ages trekker. These listed short treks are perfect for the families, the elderly, and even kids. Without any risk of mountain altitude sickness, one can enjoy the nature, culture, lifestyle of the mountain people.

Be ready with your camera lens to capture the picturesque views of the Himalayas, the hilly villages, and other beautiful natural sceneries. All the below short treks offer you an easy walk through the beautiful nature of Nepal.

Everest Panorama Trek

It is one of the short and popular treks in the Everest region of Nepal. Everest Panorama Trek Starts at the Lukla (2828m/9278 feet) and passes through the several Sherpa villages like Phakding, Namche bazaar, khumjung village, Khunde village and many other small villages. From every village incredible mountains views can be seen.

Nepal is known as the country of Mt. Everest and every one may have such desire to see this highest mountain in the world. This trekking is not only popular for highest mountain. This trek also provides the warm hospitality of Sherpa people, so one can experience Sherpa culture, way of living style, visit monasteries, wild animals and enjoy the mountain views of snow capped peaks.

Everest Panorama Trek
The 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal : Everest Panorama Trek

From Namche Bazaar a short walks uphill to a magnificent spot (Everest view Hotel) with spectacular of the surrounding snow-capped giants include Mt. Everest and the valleys below. The Khumjung  is wonderful village with background exciting glance of the high mountains.

Tengboche Monastery (3867m/ 12687 feet) is surrounded by rhododendrons forest. Tengboche monastery is the one of the biggest monasteries in khumbu area.

How to get there?

Lukla is the entrance point of the Everest Base Camp Trek. One of the most preferred ways to reach Lukla is by taking a direct flight from Tribhuvan International Airport. You can get there in 25-30 minutes. Since the flight takes very less time, we recommend you pick this option if you are on a tight schedule.

Lukla’s airport is small, like a mountain airstrip. So, prepare yourself to face problems like flight delays. Also, try planning your trip in the best season to avoid bad consequences.

Langtang Valley Trek

A trek to the Langtang valley has to be one of the most rewarding of the short treks available anywhere in Nepal. The east-west running valley is the site of some spectacular alpine scenery as well as being a great place to meet unique people.

Langtang Valley Trek
Langtang Valley Trek : The 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal

A minimum of one week is required but trekkers are well advised to add a few extra days for acclimatization and for side trips in the valley. Along our journey you will walk through the Langtang National Park. Although wildlife is never easy to spot in a forest setting, here you get the chance to see some interesting animals and birds.

Among those found in the park are monkeys, musk deer, Pika and the national bird of Nepal, the colorful danphe.The trek is best started either from Dhunche or from Syabrubesi.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

It is one of the short and popular treks in the Annapurna region of Nepal. This Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek starts from Pokhara and if you want to see some of Nepal’s big peaks up close it’s the best option for a short trek. The view from Poon Hill (3210m/10531ft) takes in Annapurna South, Annapurna I and Dhaulagiri.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek: The 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal

The first few days the trail makes a steady climb between the small Sherpa villages. The second night can be spent in Tadapani which offers great views of Annapurna II, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, and Machapuchare which is also known as “Fish Tail.” If you bring some swimwear you can make the short hike down to the river to enjoy the hot springs in Tadapani.

It’s another days climb from Tadapani to Ghorepani from where the following morning you hike to Poon Hill to catch the sunrise on the Himalayas. After taking in the views it’s time to head back to Ghorepani and start the return trek.

How to get there?

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is easily accessible from Pokhara. So, if you are starting your trip from Kathmandu, then first, you need to arrive at Pokhara. You have lots of options available to reach Pokhara, flight being one of the best options. It will take about 30 minutes to reach there via flight.

From Pokhara, your next destination is Ulleri as it is the starting point for the Poon Hill Trek. We always recommend you drive on a private car/jeep so that you can get to Ulleri directly from Pokhara without requiring to change buses. Also, avoid starting to trek from Nayapul as the road is dusty and muddy.

The condition of the road from Pokhara to Nayapul is good and easily driveable. However, the road starts getting rough, and bumpy once you cross Nayapul as the road from Nayapul to Ulleri is unpaved.

Kalinchowk Trek

Kalinchowk Trek, a perfect destination for a short trek in Nepal can be done within 3 days. Kalinchowk, residing at a height of above 3,700m is accessible from a drive from Kathmandu to Charikot and further 6-7 hours continuous trekking upward the hill.

Kalinchowk Trek is considered to be one of the non touristic trekking routes in eastern Nepal. The view of Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, Gauri Shankar etc. are clearly visible in fine weather condition through this route.

Tremendous beauty from the high hill of Kalinchowk takes your breath once giving means to visit of this region.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Chisapani Nagarkot trek is one of the easy, short, and beautiful trek for those who have limited time. It gives you an opportunity to explore locality of Tamang people who lives on the edges of Kathmandu valley.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
Chisapani Nagarkot Trek: The 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal

You can have a wonderful view of Kathmandu valley, beautiful hike in Shivapuri National park, green paddy fields, and mountain obviously. This trek starts with the drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal for 1 hrs by bus/car and hike to Chisapani for 4 hrs with a beautiful Tamang villages and a spectacular mountain view as well as green forest of Shivapuri National Park.

If you are lucky enough then you could spot a wild animals like deer, Wild boar, Leopard and many species of birds. You can enjoy your lunch at the local teahouses to get more close with locals.

Kathmandu Day Hiking

It is one of the short and popular treks near to Kathmandu Nepal. Hiking around Kathmandu offers you an  opportunity to see fantastic mountain views and explore Nepalese countryside without going too far and without climbing high. Besides you do not have to lose the comfort of the city while doing these hikes.

Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by green hills all around. These hills are covered with terraced farms, picturesque villages and  lush green  forests. Despite being nearfrom Kathmandu these villages are still not affected by  modernity and offer a chance to see traditional village life.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
Kathmandu Day Hiking: The 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal

You can see temples, monasteries and Stupas along the trails. You can see farmers working in the fields and pilgrims praying in the monasteries. These Kathmandu hikes are for every age group and for all seasons. If you want to have a taste of trekking in Nepal but do not have time to go all the way up to the remote mountains, these hikes are for you. Trekking in Kathmandu, combined with sightseeing tours of heritages sites and a scenic flight to see Mt Everest could make a fantastic short trip of Nepal.

There are many short treks available near Kathmandu ranging from day hikes to short treks of 2 days, 3 days or even longer. We have offered here the best three among them.

Note: In our official website Nepal Tours, we are listed on Short treks under the trekking section. Please choose one of them

Let us explore the most thrilling, electrifying and mind blowing top 12 Nepal adventure activities. Are you ready to challenge your limits with the blood pumping, heart racing, breathtaking, thrilling adventure? Then why don’t you come to the adventurer’s playground, Nepal.

The great peaks of the Himalayas, rushing rivers, unique terrain and exotic wildlife makes Nepal the paradise for adventure lovers. The Himalayan country is a mystical place filled with rugged snow peaked mountains, pristine nature, rich biodiversity, awe-inspiring landscapes and culture as diverse as the varying topography of the country.

Nepal is well recognized for its best climbing and trekking destinations in the world. As the reputation for climbing and trekking in Nepal remains undeterred, Nepal is also gaining popularity with other adventure sports. Let us explore the most thrilling, electrifying and mind blowing adventurous activities in the beautiful country Nepal apart from the obvious trekking and climbing.

Each of these adventure will stimulate your mind, body and soul, giving you a fulfilled sense of accomplishment, memories of once-in-a-lifetime experience and fascinating tales to tell to your friends. These are the most fun and famous top 12 Nepal adventure activities.

White Water Rafting

Whitewater Rafting in Nepal
Whitewater Rafting in Nepal

Nepal’s dramatic Himalayan glaciers feed some of the most challenging and beautiful rivers in the world for White Water Rafting. Raft down the worlds deepest gorges from the world’s highest mountains in an abundance of warm water as the rivers drift the adventurer past mountain scenery, terraced villages and huge white-sand beaches for camping. Out on the river one really starts to feel that quality called “River Magic” as the rubber raft drifts, sometimes gently, sometimes madly, through wild rapids and tranquil, looking-glass passages.

Around every bend in the river lies another exotic sight as you float through the culturally abundant countryside of Nepal. In the evening one can explore isolated villages, shower under warm waterfalls or watch the kayakers play boating. There is a wide choice of trips graded in difficulty on an international scale from Class 1 to 6, with class one being easy moving water and class 6 being hazardous to life. A thrilling range of excitement

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Nepal
Jungle Safari in Nepal

If you think Nepal is just the abode for the grand mountains, then think again. The tropical jungles of the Terai in Nepal preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. A visit to parks like Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park is a perfect way to experience the wilderness. Jungle safari on the back of elephant or four wheel jeep may be the perfect way to see one horned rhino and other exotic wildlife. If you are lucky, A Royal Bengal Tiger may surprise you by his magnificent appearance.

Bungee Jumping

Bungy Jump Nepal
Bungy Jump Nepal

Less than a 3 hour drive outside Kathmandu by the Ultimate Bungy Shuttle. You will travel the Arniko (Kathmandu/Lhasa) Highway to within 12 km of the Tibet Border and the famous Friendship Bridge (you can even make a day trip there for lunch in Tibet). Ultimate Bungy Nepal takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River. Swiss designed, especially for bungy jumping with a 4x-safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 250kg per running meter. This program can also be joined with a 2 day exhilarating white water rafting trip on the Bhotekoshi.

Mountain Biking

Nepal Mountain Biking
Nepal Mountain Biking

It’s not all uphill! There is an astounding variety of terrain in Nepal, from killer, heart attack hills, to more easy moving, gentler altitudes. There are an even more astounding number of trails crossing their ways through the jungles and terraced farmland. Our guides know the best way through every terrain, and you can believe that Mountain Biking is their passion! With a mountain bike you can really get into the rarely visited areas of the country, experiencing what the average traveller doesn’t. Brave the heights for spectacular viewpoints, or cruise the Kathmandu Valley perimeter to see antique temples and quaint, pastoral Newari villages. For the Adventurous, new routes are always open- just pick a point on the map!

Paragliding/ Parahawking

Special Interest Tours
Special Interest Tours

Paragliding is a newly introduced adventure in Nepal. The main area for flying in Nepal is the Annapurna region, more specifically the Pokhara valley. This lakeside town is Nepal’s second “city”, nestled at the foot of the Annapurna Himal, the views commanded from here of 3 of the worlds 8000m peaks, are unsurpassed. The microclimate of the valley makes it an ideal area for flying, with far more constant conditions than the Kathmandu valley 150km east.There are several sites around Phewa Lake for flying and Sarangkot is the most accessible. It is a viewpoint 700m above Pokhara, it is unique in that it has a road running to the top. A short walk brings you to the only purpose built take off in the country. There are a variety of courses which includes from 3 days to 3 weeks

Canyoning in Nepal

Thanks to the unique topography, high altitude and large quantities of fresh water straight from the mountains, most of the Nepal´s rivers offer a great Canyoning adventure. Canyoning in Nepal is an astonishing full body and mind experience filled with stunning scenery of jungle, karst rocks and multiple cascading waterfalls dropping one after the other into refreshing pools.

Zip Flyer

Ready to experience the world most extreme Zip Flyer? The Zip flyer in Sarangkot, Pokhara is extreme in every way with a vertical drop of 600 meters over a distance of 1800 meters, it is the longest, steepest, tallest and fastest Zipline in the world.

Heli Skiing:

Heli skiing in the World’s biggest, highest & most outrageous Mountain-range of the World is simply a fantastic adventure. The amazing height and spread of the snow clad mountains of the Nepalese Himalayas, with the added advantage of powdered snow are tempting enough to fascinate the adventurous spirits of the avid skier.

Everest Sky Diving

Everest Sky Diving is one of the most extreme adventure provided by Nepal. This is no ordinary experience as it allows adventurers to jump from a plane at 29,500 feet, higher than the Everest summit, to float back to Everest base camp. The adrenaline rush from the free-fall, the eye-feasting view of the beautiful lakes and settlements and the world tallest Mountain Mt. Everest on the Background, all makes it an adventure for a lifetime.

Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing in Nepal is becoming one of the hottest attractions for adventure lovers due to the splendid natural rock faces in majestic settings. Nepal provides a wide range of climbing sites for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers. The cliffs of Nepal offer some hair-raising spots for a cliff hanger experience challenging your physical and mental endurance.

Pony Trekking:

A full-length pony trek (short trek only) can also be arranged. Pony treks are becoming increasingly popular. Ponies can also be hired by the hour or longer in the places like Pokhara, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel & Daman etc; Pony treks provide a fascinating way to experience the mountains of Nepal. For those, who cannot take the strain of daily hiking and those who want respite on long treks, ponies are available in some areas on hire.

Mountain Flight:

Scenic flight to Mount Everest
Scenic flight to Mount Everest

This scenic flight leaves from Kathmandu each morning covering the Langtang range (north of Kathmandu) all the way to Mt. Everest and Kanchanjunga. The flight is one and half-hours and covers most of the Himalayan Ranges of Nepal. As Nepal is nestled in the lap of the beautiful Himalayas, now with Mountain flight your visit to the highest peaks is very easy. Each passenger will have an individual window seat for the entire Everest Mountain Flight. Moreover, most of the flight operators invite all their passengers to the cockpit from where you can take some spectacular pictures of the highest peaks in the world.

The mention above adventures are just the best of the bests of Nepal. Nepal provides unlimited adventure options for all types of adventure lovers with activities like Ultralight flight, boating, fishing or hunting and canoeing etc. So when are you planning to experience the thrill in the land of adventures?

Let’s give a helping hand to the couples that want to show their partner that they love them. We’ve just started our list of 5 things to do to be Romantic. Check out what we’ve come up with so far – and if you have great ideas to share then just let us know and help out romantics things to do in Kathmandu for couple.

Kathmandu is a romantic destination, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan Mountains and full of beautiful architecture, culture, and activities. If you are looking for a date vacation in Kathmandu, you need not worry, there are several places that can fill up your cravings inside the city.

Go for Sunrise and Sunset Views at Nagarkot

Witness the mesmerizing Nagarkot sunrise and sunset view and breathtaking views as the sun cast its golden rays over the stunning Himalayan peaks. Start your day on a positive note or end it in a magical way by witnessing the magic of the sun during the golden hour from the hills of Nagarkot.

Go for Sunrise and Sunset Views at Nagarkot
Go for Sunrise and Sunset Views at Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular destination for couples who want to enjoy the sunrise view of the Mount Everest and other peaks of the Himalayas. It is also a good place for hiking and relaxing in cozy resorts. According to one source1, Nagarkot is better for a one-night stay rather than a rush one-day dating. You can also check out some of the best romantic hotels in Nagarkot.

Go for Yoga & Medition Class in Kathmandu.

Yoga & Meditation Class can be a great way for couples to improve their physical and mental health, as well as their connection and intimacy. There are many online and offline options for couples yoga classes, depending on your goals, skill levels, and experience.

Go for Yoga & Medition Class in Kathmandu
Go for Yoga & Medition Class in Kathmandu

Yoga is not only about attaining peace and happiness, but it also helps to burn down the calories that negatively affect our health. It’s benefits range from increasing flexibility, improving posture, increasing the blood flow in the body, and fighting diseases in the body.

If you are an avid follower of yoga, then Kathmandu is the place you should visit. Yoga in Kathmandu has a wide variety of centres to practice. Here are some of the places you should check out if you are travelling to Kathmandu.

Go for 4 hours Heli Rides to Everest Base Camp.

A heli ride to Everest base camp is a thrilling and scenic way to experience the world’s highest mountain without trekking for days. It is a helicopter tour that takes you from Kathmandu to Everest base camp, where you can land and enjoy the views of the majestic peaks and glaciers.

Depending on the tour package, you may also fly over other landmarks such as Khumbu Glacier, Kalapatthar, and Namche Bazaar.

Romantic Honeymoon Night
Romantic Honeymoon Night

A heli ride can be a suitable and romantic activity for a couple, depending on your preferences and budget. It can be a memorable way to celebrate an anniversary, a proposal, or just a special occasion. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscape, the thrill of flying, and the intimacy of sharing the experience with your partner.

Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is suitable for all age groups. Since it is a low altitude flight, there is no risk of altitude sickness. The tour is a perfect fit for everybody. Those who are physically unable for the trek or those with kids or old citizens can easily join the group.

This helicopter ride is achievable with lesser trouble and exhaustion.

Go for Cable Car Ride to Chandragiri.

Chandragiri Hill Resort offers everything you need for a serene and relaxing getaway. With breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and friendly staff, you will experience the perfect blend of comfort and luxury.

Enjoy the fresh air and take in the peaceful surrounding. You don’t have to rush through anything, instead just do things at the pace that feels right for you.

Go for Cable Car Ride to Chandragiri.
Go for Cable Car Ride to Chandragiri.

The site has attractions for people of all ages and gender. There is a temple for the elderly and religious, a view tower for young adults, a playground for children, and a five-star resort for businessmen, couples, or anyone looking for a scenic conference.

The journey from the bottom of the valley to the top of the hill has a unique atmosphere that puts into perspective just how small we all are. This is best places in Kathmandu for couples

Rent a Car from Kathmandu Car Services.

You can enjoy some quality time with your partner on the road, exploring new places, scenery and attractions. You can avoid the hassle of public transportation, such as schedules, delays, crowds and transfers. If you are in Nepal and try rent a car with Kathmandu Car Services.

Rent a Car from Kathmandu Car Services.
Rent a Car from Kathmandu Car Services.

Kathmandu Car Rental Services has been dedicated to strengthening the communities where customers and employees live and work. Many other websites hide fees and extra costs from you. Kathmandu Car Services includes all mandatory fees, taxes, and extras in the quoted price so there won’t be any surprises when you arrive at the rental desk.

Trekking in Kathmandu are for every age group and for all seasons. If you want to have a taste of trekking in Nepal. You do not have time to go all the way up to the remote mountains these hikes are for you. The sub-alpine forests and quiet countryside make for a great short break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Most of the hikes mentioned here can be done in a single day and are suitable for children and older people.

Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by green hills all around. These hills are covered with terraced farms, picturesque villages and lush green forests. Despite being near from Kathmandu these villages are still not affected by modernity and offer a chance to see traditional village life. You can see temples, monasteries and Stupas along the trails. You can see farmers working in the fields and pilgrims praying in the monasteries.

Trekking in Kathmandu combined with sightseeing tours of heritages sites and a scenic flight to Mt.Everest could make a fantastic short trip of Nepal.

There are many short treks available near to Kathmandu ranging from day hikes to short treks of 2 days, 3 days. Discover the 5 best trails for trekking in Kathmandu, and choose the one you like the most.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek – 3 Days

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is a short and sweet trip of 3 days tea house trek around Kathmandu. Which can be extended to Dhulikhel and Namo Buddha for another 1-2 days. This tour plan is designed for the short time travelers in Nepal who would like to taste of Nepal. Chisapani Nagarkot Trek starts from Sundarijal after driving 45 minutes from Kathmandu. In the beginning the trail pierces Shivapuri National Park passing through a big watershed that provides 40 percent drinking to Kathmandu Valley. Chisapani Nagarkot Trek offers beautiful nature and village walk experience, natural environment, stunning Himalaya panorama of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Gaurishankar Himal and even we can spot Mount Everest in far distance.

Kathmandu 3 Day Trek Highlights:

  • Get up close to Nepali culture in the Kathmandu Valley
  • Hike the oak and pine forests of the Shivapuri National Park
  • Go to the oldest temple of the Kathmandu Valley
  • See the terraced fields of Changunarayan
  • Admire panoramic views of Everest from Nagarkot
  • Enjoy the services of experienced guides and local sherpas

Day 01: Kathmandu – Chisopani (2115m), 4-5 hours walk.
Day 02: Chisopani – Nagarkot (2195m), 6-7 hours walk
Day 03: Nagarkot – Changunarayan – Bhaktapur Durbar Square- Kathmandu

To Book the Kathmandu Valley Trek : Looking for a 3 day hikes near Kathmandu – See the details on 3 Days Kathmandu Trek Packages

Champadevi Hike – 1 Day / 2 Days

Champadevi Hike
Champadevi Hike

Champadevi is a magnificent hill located at an altitude of 2285 m south – west of Kathmandu which is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Champadevi Hikes starts with one hour drive to Pharping Village (19 km) on the way to a Dakshinkali temple (a temple of goddess Kali). Leaving the Pharping village, the trial directs us the way through the pine forest.

Champa Devi Hill is situated at an elevation of 2,285m, having a Buddhist and Hindu shrine on the top. After the 3 hours motivating walk, we submit the top. Enjoy the superb view of central and western Himalayan range including Langtang, Gauri Shanker, Jugal, Dorge Lakpa and many other. Apart from that, you get the chance to admire the bustling Kathmandu valley and its dense settlement.

Day Itinerary:
08:30 – Pick you up from your hotel
08:45 – Depart from office to hiking starting point approx. 1 hr drive which is 19 kms south West of Kathmandu
09:15 – Tea break, fill up water bottle or last minute shopping for the hike
09:30 – From here we start hiking gradually up following the trail to Champadevi
12:30 – On the way one can enjoy the different landscapes with the varieties of plants as well as birds.
Reach top of Champ Devi and have a magnificent views of Langtang, Gauri Shanker, Jugal, Dorge Lakpa and many others.
Lunch break for one hour (It is advisable to bring your own water bottle for this trail as there is no source of water during this hike)
13:30– After enjoying leisurely lunch with good views of the Mountain View, we descend to Hattiban
15:30– Meet your vehicle at Hattiban and drive back to Kathmandu.

Shivapuri Day Hike

Shivapuri Hike
Shivapuri Hike

Shivapuri situated at an elevation of 2563m north of Kathmandu is the second highest hill around Kathmandu valley. Bagdwar, source of holy river Bagmati, is located near Shivapuri. Early in the morning, you drive from Kathmandu to Muhan Pokhari for about 30 minutes. After checking the formalities at the Shivapuri entrance gate, you enter Shivapuri watershed and wildlife area. You commence your hike from the southern boundary of the area where the army check-post is located. The trail goes along the rugged motor-able road through pine and cherry forest up to Nangi Gompa within one and half hours, where a nunnery monastery is located. Beyond the monastery, the trail goes steep uphill through the oak, rhododendron and bamboo forest for another three hours.

From here one can enjoy the beauty of snowy Himalayas such as Ganesh Himal, Langtang-Lirung, Dorji Lhakpa and you take a shortcut downhill to Budhanilkantha in about two and half hours and drive back to Kathmandu.

Day Itinerary:
After breakfast some 13km drive to Budhanilkantha from the hotel. We walk through flat dirt road toward Nagi Gompa – Buddhist nunnery. We will take steep staircase, it is demanding uphill all the way to Shivapuri as we walk up almost 1300m from the starting point, the trail goes via famous Bagdwar which origin of holy Bagmati River. Shivapuri Peak offers stunning view over Kathmandu valley and nice birds eyes view to Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang Himal etc. We will visit Nagi Gompa on the way back and have some butter tea with nuns and interactive with them. We have chance to observe their puja and ritual activities in the monastery if your hiking day take place in the special day (e.g full moon) by chance. Our guide will transfer you to the hotel.

Kakani Day Hiking – 1 Day

Kakani Day Hiking
Kakani Day Hiking

Take a day hiking to Kakani, the best hiking point from Kathmandu which has beautiful views of the Himalayas. The short hike takes you through lush green paddy fields and sparse settlements to enjoy the view of rural Nepalese life. Your experienced tour guide will escort you from your hotel and drive for about an hour to Kakani. Kakani is one of the destinations where many domestic and international tourists visit every year to enjoy its natural beauty. Kakani lies on a ridge northwest of Kathmandu valley with an elevation of 2073m above the sea level, from where one can observe the magnificent views of the Ganesh Himal and central and western Himalaya.

The picturesque view of lush hills, oak and pine forests from Kakani is wonderful. Rejoice the moment of being in a pristine and joyful environment with the spectacular views of mountains as you proceed your Kakani Day Tour with Nepal Tours.

Day Itinerary:
8:00 AM::Meet the Guide at hotel and Drive to Gurje Bhanjyang.
9:00 Am::Hike starts,Hike to Kakani via Sueria Chaur(1900M),Take a tea break at Sueria Chaur and continue the Hike to Kakani through Shivapuri National Park.
2:00 PM:: Arrive kakani,Lunch and explore around Kakani, Explore Thai Memmorial Park, NMA Training Center, Scout Training Cnter, Narcon,etc
4:00PM:: Drive back to Kathmandu hotel.

Nagarkot Day Hiking

Sankhu to Nagarkot Trek
Sankhu to Nagarkot Trek

This trekking trail is preferred by enthusiasts because of the scintillating views of the Himalayas at Nagarkot. The Newari village Of Sankhu is the starting point of the trek. Feel free to explore the culture and cuisine before you head out to Nagarkot.

One of the most popular short treks in Nepal, this route to Nagarkot is ideal for beginners of all ages. You’ll make your way through oak, pine, and rhododendron forests and learn about village life while taking in views of the Kathmandu Valley and snow-capped Himalayan peaks in Nagarkot. Wake up to a sunrise view over Mount Everest before enjoying more time in Kathmandu.

Nagarkot Day Hiking Highlights:

  • Get up close to Nepali culture in the Kathmandu Valley
  • Get to know Kathmandu’s lively Thamel district
  • Trek the mellow trail to Nagarkot with a guide
  • See the terraced fields of Changunarayan
  • Admire panoramic views of Everest from Nagarkot
  • Take a guided trekking tours of the Kathmandu Valley

Nagarkot Day Hiking Itinerary:
8:00 AM::Meet the Guide at hotel and Drive to Gurje Bhanjyang.
9:00 Am::Hike starts,Hike to Kakani via Sueria Chaur(1900M),Take a tea break at Sueria Chaur and continue the Hike to Kakani through Shivapuri National Park.
2:00 PM:: Arrive kakani,Lunch and explore around Kakani, Explore Thai Memmorial Park, NMA Training Center, Scout Training Cnter, Narcon,etc
4:00PM:: Drive back to Kathmandu hotel.

Best time to visit Kathmandu

The best time to visit Kathmandu is from Late September to December because of the views of pristine glaciers and local festivals. During these months, the place remains dry and suitable for exploration and trekking. The temperature in October in Nepal ranges from 26 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius.


Short Treks Kathmandu are doable at any time of year. These given treks are something new to offer in every season. The best time for the trek depends on the purpose and preference of the trekker. For people who love to trek in less crowded trails, monsoon and winter seem ideal. But, if you want to trek during the peak season and enjoy the crystal clear unobstructed views, spring and autumn is the right time for you. If you would like to above any treks in Kathmandu. Please contact us.

Nepal is a country perfectly blessed with natural and cultural attractions. National parks, temples and monuments, historical places and some new trekking routes speak volumes about Nepal. The daily lives of Nepalis are inspired by religion. Festivals add more joy and colors in the life of Nepalis.

Local food has the main impact on festival celebrations. Buddha is widely worshipped by both Buddhists and Hindus of Nepal.

Take a trip to the astounding Himalayan nation of Nepal and make memories for a lifetime. The top 5 Nepal tour itinerary is the best choice on a short trip.

Popular sightseeing tour package offers you the best glimpse of Nepal’s cultural, natural and biological richness and diversity.

Nepal sightseeing package consists of numerous places where one can enjoy their holidaying activities. Find out which tours in Nepal is the best for you and meets your preferences.

Expert in the field, Kulendra Baral from Nepal Tours, shares his top five Nepal tour itinerary you must do in Nepal.

Kathmandu & Pokhara Tour Itinerary – 5 Days

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour is one of the finest short trips in Nepal. The trip goes around two beautiful valleys with the surreal mountain views in the background. Our Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour begins with an exploration of the medieval city of Kathmandu followed by a fabulous trip to the Lake City of Pokhara.

In our 5 Day Nepal Tour we enjoy the cultural marvels and discover ancient Hindu and Buddhist relics in the Kathmandu Valley with visits to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered around the city. Next, we visit Nagarkot, a small town known for its excellent views of the Himalayas.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

In Pokhara, we visit the famous Davis fall, Shiva cave, Fewa Lake and many other natural and cultural wonders. While here we also get to experience the magic of the Himalayas with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges looming closeby.

Itinerary Maximum Altitude
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 02: Morning Sightseeing in Kathmandu afternoon fly to Pokhara
Day 03: Sightseeing in Pokhara. 827m/2,713ft
Day 04 Sunrise view from Sarangkot then fly to Kathmandu. 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 05: Local Shopping and final departure 827m/2,713ft

Explore the Kathmandu Valley Tour Itinerary – 3 Days

Whether you are in Kathmandu for a short getaway or have a few days to prepare for (or recover from!) a Himalayan adventure, there is no need to stay within the confines of your hotel.

Kathmandu has many unique things to see and do. In three days, you can see many of the Kathmandu Valley’s highlights, from markets, temples and cultural sites to sunsets, mountain views and hiking.

Kathmandu Tour Package
Kathmandu Tour Package

This short tour will let you explore the city of temples in its full glory. The city of temples boast hundreds of temples that have cultural and historical significance.

Itinerary Maximum Altitude
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and local sightseeing
Day 02: Morning Sightseeing in Kathmandu , Evening to Nagarkot
Day 03: Final Departure. 827m/2,713ft

Kathmandu Pokhara and Chitwan Tour Itinerary – 8 Days

Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour are one of the best Tours in Nepal. These 3 cities are the major cities of Nepal. It includes, culture, nature and heritage.

You can explore three different regions of the country. Kathmandu valley is regarding as one of the most fascinating valleys in Nepal. Chitwan National park is situated in inner terai of Nepal. It is home for one horned Asian Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, rare and common wild animals, and more then 500 migratory and residential birds.

Pokhara valley is one of the most picturesque spot of Nepal.

Honeymoon Couples in Chitwan
Honeymoon Couples in Chitwan

The beauty of Pokhara is enhanced by its lovely lakes, which have their source in the glacial region of the Annapurna range of the Himalayas. Pokhara is famous for landscape, lakes and Mountain View. It is known as van ice of Asia.

This package is suitable for any group of people like business class, family, couple, students, honeymoon couple and many more.

Itinerary Maximum Altitude
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 02: Full day Sightseeing in Kathmandu 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 03: 5 hours Drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan. 415m/1,369ft
Day 04 Full day jungle activities. 415m/1,369ft
Day 05: Drive to Pokhara and 1 hour boating at phewa lake 827m/2,713ft
Day 06 Sunrise view from Sarangkot then full day Pokhara Sightseeing. 827m/2,713ft
Day 07: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu and Local Shopping 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 08 Final Departure. 1,350m/4,429ft

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Itinerary – 8 Days

Nepal, being home to the majestic Himalayas, matchless natural and cultural diversity but also the land of divinely blessed sacred sites, Lumbini Birth Place of Lard Buddha, lands of Bodhisattvas (Buddhas) who meditated here and achieved enlightenment of Buddhahood.

There are many places where Padmasambhava (Lit’ Lotus Born) also known as the Second Buddha and Jetsun Milarepa-generally considered one of Tibet´s most famous yogis and poets mediated in Nepal and gained top level of enlightenment.

The country is the shelter for many spiritual teachers and Guru’s, this truly holy land is awash with spiritual treasures as well as awe inspiring natural beauty.

12 Day Nepal Tour
Nepal Buddhist Tour

Lumbini the Birth Place of Lord Buddha spanning through both city areas as well as in the surrounding rural areas. Having experienced many of these sites ourselves and through the assistance of local tour guides, our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to visit these sacred places and to absorb their true meaning whilst allowing plenty of time for exploration and self reflection.

This package is suitable for any group of people like business class, family, couple, students, honeymoon couple and many more.

Itinerary Maximum Altitude
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 02: After breakfast, visit Boudanath and Kopan Monastery. 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 03: After breakfast, drive to Namoboudha (45Kms). 1,750 m/5,740ft
Day 04 After breakfast, visit Pharping Monastery & Swayambhunath (Monkey temple). 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 05: Fly Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and a short drive to Lumbini. 150m/490ft
Day 06 Lumbini Full Day Visit. 150m/490ft
Day 07: Drive Lumbini to Bhairahawa and Fly back Kathmandu. 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 08 Final Departure. 1,350m/4,429ft

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour – 1 Days

We’ll start by picking you up from your hotel first thing in the morning, and we will then head to the airbase. Here we’ll climb on board a helicopter which will take us up close to one of the world’s highest summits.

After making a quick stop to refuel at Lukla airport, we’ll fly over the Khumbu Valley, the most well-known part of the Himalayas, and from here we’ll be able to spot the famous Mount Everest, as well as Mount Pumori, Mount Nuptse and Mount Lhotse. Following 25 minutes of incredible views, we’ll arrive at Everest Base Camp, our much-awaited stop.

Everest Helicopter Tour

We’ll land close to Everest Base Camp, specifically at Kala Patthar, over 18,000 feet (5,545 metres) above sea level. Heaven for all photography lovers! You’ll have 15 minutes here to admire the rugged mountains and revel in the breathtaking beauty of the nature surrounding you. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some yaks, the most emblematic animal of Nepal.

We’ll board the helicopter once again and set out towards the Everest View Hotel. We’ll drop down to give ourselves a 360-degree view of the impressive peaks of the UNESCO listed Sagarmatha National Park. In this picture-perfect setting, you’ll have 45 minutes to enjoy breakfast (not included) or make the most of the natural landscape.

We’ll finally take the helicopter back to the airbase, and from there we’ll return to your hotel in Kathmandu.

Itinerary Maximum Altitude
Day 01: Everest Helicopter Tour which begins and ends in Kathmandu. We begin our short trip in Nepal by visiting Kathmandu’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Everest Helicopter Tour is on the third day of our trip. We begin the day with a helicopter ride flying over the Everest Base Camp which offers majestic views of the Everest region.

We then make a stopover at Kala Patthar which is the best viewpoint to admire the rare and up-close beauty of the mighty Himalayas including Everest. After spending some time at Kala Patthar, we fly to Gokyo Lakes which are a set of six lakes that form the world’s highest freshwater lake system.

We land near the third lake which is referred to as ‘the Gokyo Lake’ and admire its tranquil beauty. We then fly back to Kathmandu and end our Everest heli tour in Nepal.


Nepal is a nation between India and Tibet known for its temples and Himalayan mountains, which include Mt. Everest. Kathmandu, the capital, has a mazelike old quarter filled with Hindu and Buddhist shrines. Around Kathmandu Valley are Swayambhunath, a Buddhist temple with resident monkeys; Boudhanath, a massive Buddhist stupa; Hindu temples and cremation grounds at Pashupatinath; and the medieval city of Bhaktapur.

Kathmandu has gone from earthquake-ravaged disaster zone in 2015 to fifth in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2019. The tourism industry, a huge driver of the Nepalese economy, collapsed along with many of the city’s buildings but has recovered to such an extent that arrivals exceeded the one million mark for the first time in 2018.

We are here to deliver you with the well-organized packages for the 2 day Kathmandu itinerary. These tours / treks are mainly comprised of the city gateways which comprises of the places having the jungles, hills, mountains or historical importance.

You will be able to get a chance to explore the cities and get to enjoy the various activities the city offers to you. Furthermore, there is an opportunity of experiencing the heavenly hospitality delivered to you by us.

We have listed top 5 2 days tours program here in this page so, select one to spend your 2 days in Nepal or contact us for the tailor-made itinerary.

Kathmandu Kakani Tour – 2 Days

Kakani Day Hiking
Kakani Day Hiking

2 days Kakani tour is the ultimate Kathmandu quest if you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime.  Kakani is one of the famous day tour hill station and popular view point inside the Kathmandu valley. Situated on the 26 KM Northern west of the capital, it is about one and half hour bus ride from the valley.

Kakani is a good spot to get the heart touching view of glittering mountains namely Annapurna (8091m), Manaslu (8165m), Ganesh Himal (7446m), Lantang lirung (7245m ) and many more other mountains. You can also have a clear view of Kathmandu valley from the height of 2,030 meters (6060 ft).

Kakani day tour also provides you the stunning view of Rhododendrons growing wild on the mountain slopes begin to bloom in late winter and stay in bloom for several months, giving the village even more charm.

Kathmandu Kakani 2 Days Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive Kathmandu to Kakani, Uphill Hiking to Kakani – 3 Hrs drive / 2 hours hiking
Day 2: Drive back Kakani to Kathmandu

Kathmandu Kakani 2 Days Price:

USD 160 / per person (2 persons minimum to book) where includes: 1 night twin sharing accommodation in Kakani with bed and breakfast plan, all ground transportation, 1 guide, all foods for official staff.

Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour – 2 Days

Langtang Mountain Range
Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour

The Kathmandu Nagarkot tour in the mountain flight will begin from Kathmandu and will go all the way to the beautiful regions of Nagarkot where we can get the exhilarating view of the high hills like Annapurna (8091m), Manaslu (8156m), Ganesh Himal (7422m), Langtang Lirung (7227m) and other several peaks.

Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Hiking to Nagarkot – 2 Hrs drive / 3 hours hiking
Day 2: Sunrise at Nagarkot and Bhaktapur Sightseeing and drive back to Kathmandu

Kathmandu Nagarkot 2 Days Price:

USD 150 / per person (2 persons minimum to book) where includes: 1 night twin sharing accommodation in Nagarkot with bed and breakfast plan, all ground transportation, 1 guide, all foods for official staff, Nagarkot entrance ticket.

Kathmandu Dhulikhel Tour – 2 Days

Kathmandu Itinerary 4 Days
Kathmandu Dhulikhel Tour

Kathmandu Dhulikhel tour is popular 2 days tour in Nepal. Kathmandu Dhulikhel package tour offer superb Himalayan views of Mount Everest 8848m, Langtang Lirung 7246m, Gaurishanker 7145m, Ganesh Himal 6704m, Rolwaling Himalayan range, Newari culture and nice terrace fields.

Dhulikhel is located at 30 km a long way from Kathmandu towards the east of the valley. we drive along Kathmandu-Lhasa Highway or Arniko Highway. Socially rich and abundant with excellence, Dhulikhel is an old Newari town.

It is a perfect place for unwinding and an immaculate stop for guests. There are many intriguing day-climbing outings and short treks. Dhulikhel’s rich social legacy conveys what needs be in old-block structures, sanctuaries, Newari design and calm cobbled paths. A hill-station, Dhulikhel is the best destination to see the Himalayan peaks, memorable landmarks and diverse qualities of societies.

Panoramas that it offers are great and undisturbed, with unbelievable views of The Himalayas extending from Mt. Annapurna in the Far West to Mt. Karulung in the Far East. Combining the qualities and customs of Nepal with outstanding administration, we give careful consideration to everything to ensure that your stay with us is charming and noteworthy.

On the last day in our visit, we will Hike to Namobuddha, on to Bhaktapur Durbar Square and return to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Dhulikhel Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive Kathmandu to Dhulikhel. Hiking around Dhulikhel – 3 Hrs
Day 2: Visit Namobuddha Monastery and drive back to Kathmandu – Hiking 2 hours / 3 hours driving

Kathmandu Dhulikhel Tour Price:

USD 150 / per person (2 persons minimum to book) where includes: 1 night twin sharing accommodation in Dhulikhel with bed and breakfast plan, all ground transportation, 1 guide, all foods for official staff.

Kathmandu Balthali Village Tour – 2 Days

Nepal Itinerary 6 Days
Kathmandu Balthali Village Tour

Kathmandu Balthali Village Tour caters your interest of exploring richness in cultures, heritage sites, traditions, rituals and festivals that has been followed since centuries ago. This short and sweet tour can also be joined before or after your trekking in Nepal schedules. It would be a great opportunity for any travel lover looking forward to have amazing delightful holiday in Nepal.

We start our journey after your arrival at Kathmandu and go for a short drive towards Balthali Village. In the next morning Balthali hike, explore the village, sightseeing around monasteries, discover beautiful panauti village and drive back towards Kathmandu.

Being short and easy tour, it can be embarked by all regardless fitness level, weather, altitudes and other issues. Join Kathmandu Balthali Village Tour during anytime of the year with Nepal Tours. Contact us now for booking and further inquiries.

Kathmandu Balthali Tour 2 Days Itinerary:

Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Bhakatapur Sightseeing and Drive to Balthali – 5 hours
Day 02: Balthali Village hiking to Panauti and then drive to Kathmandu. – 2 hours hiking / 3 hours drive

Kathmandu Balthali Tour Price:

USD 210 / per person (2 persons minimum to book) where includes: 1 night twin sharing accommodation in Balthali with bed and breakfast plan, all ground transportation, 1 guide, all foods for official staff.

Kathmandu Chisapani Trek – 2 Days

Real Kathmandu Tour
Real Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is a short and sweet trip of 2 days tea house trek around Kathmandu and can be extended to Dhulikhel and Namo Buddha for another 1-2 days. This short trek plan is designed for the short time travelers in Nepal who would like to taste of Nepal. Chisapani Nagarkot Trek starts from Sundarijal after driving 45 minutes from Kathmandu.

In the beginning the trail pierces Shivapuri National Park passing through a big watershed that provides 40 percent drinking to Kathmandu Valley. Chisapani Nagarkot Trek offers beautiful nature and village walk experience, natural environment, stunning Himalaya panorama of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Gaurishankar Himal and even we can spot Mount Everest in far distance.

Being short and easy tour, it can be embarked by all regardless fitness level, weather, altitudes and other issues. Join Kathmandu Chisapani Trek during anytime of the year with Nepal Tours. Contact us now for booking and further inquiries.

Kathmandu Chisapani Trek 2 Days Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive Kathmandu to Sundarijal and hiking to Chisapani (2115m) – 5 Hrs
Day 2: Trek Chisapani to Chauki Bhanjyang and drive to Kathmandu – Hiking 5 hours / 3 hours driving

Kathmandu Chisapani 2 Days Price:

USD 190 / per person (2 persons minimum to book) where includes: 1 night twin sharing accommodation in chisopani with bed and breakfast plan, all ground transportation, 1 guide, all foods for official staff, shivapuri national park fee.