Go on a Wildlife Safari adventure in Nepal’s steamy jungles to see rare rhinos, elephants and maybe even a tiger. When you’ve had your fill of the mountains, head south to the national parks and wildlife reserves on the plains.

The best time to visit the jungle safari is between October and March.

Wildlife Safari
Encounter Nepal’s spectacular array of wildlife and pristine habitats on a series of interpretive jungle safari tours.

Nepal not only offers you the glorious mountain trekking, raging white-water rafting, but also a fine selection adventurous jungle safari. Well, Wildlife Safari Nepal can be very exciting experience in our life. Sure, Nepal is a fun filled Jungle Safari Tours ideal for anyone.

Choosing the right wildlife safari expert planning and advice. Nepal Wildlife Safaris are specialists in tailor-made journeys and with over 20 years of experience behind us, we believe that we’re the best at what we do. Get inspired with some of our recommended wilderness jungle safari tours and wildlife safaris to incredible destinations across Nepal.

Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife reserves. And most of which have dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds.Drive four-wheeler jeep to view wildlife and their habitats. You can either canoe or enjoy bird-watching. Definitely, you can have the most memorable nature walks, village and cultural tours, bird watching excursions and so on. Nepal is the home of flora and fauna. Various national parks of Nepal have been preserving this amazing natural heritage.

You can see wildlife such as swamp deer, black buck, musk deer, blue bull, Royal Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodiles and Gharial, Asiatic wild buffalo and many other endangered species of animals, birds and so on. You will have plenty of time to have jungle walks overlooking the enthralling beauty of Jungle vicinity. In Nepal you will discover the ideal situation of viewing the jungle scenery, animals and birds and the indigenous local people and their tradition, costumes, and languages.

Below list are the best things to do in Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal.

Jeep Safari: A Jeep safari through the jungle provides more game spotting opportunities than might be expected otherwise because it goes deeper into the jungle, usually beyond the beaten track. A thrilling tour in a four wheel drive into the heart of the park will enable you to view some of the rarest species of animals, birds etc. You can also visit the observation Tower for viewing the enchant movements of the animals in the wilderness. The jeep can be diverted to visit the crocodile breeding farm as well.

Jungle Walk: Jungle walk is another way of experience the wilderness. Our trained naturalist will take you across the flowing water of the Rapti River and the prime areas of the park to view nature’s gifts like wild species of animal and birds blended with the surrounding flora and fauna. Early morning and late afternoon walk is the best to avoid mid day heat.

Bird Watching: The parks are well known as a paradise for the birds. Some 450 species of resident and migratory birds have been recorded so far. You may encounter many of them, while making this tour. Other species like the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Frolic and the paradise Flycatcher will also attract your attention when your are traveling along the banks of the Rapti River.

Canoe Trip: A typical handmade Canoe will take you along the famous Rapti River where you will encounter the Harmless Gharial and the mud drenched crocodile, basking in the sun at the River banks. Moreover, many aquatic birds can be seen on the way.

Village Tour: Village tours allow visitors to experience a stay in a typical Nepali village. This gives visitors an opportunity to observe the rich Nepalese cultural tradition from the closer quarter and intermingle with locals.

Culture Program: The cultural program is the another way to enjoy and make meaningful contrast of visit. The drumbeat and the agile breathtaking stick dance performed by the Tharus people. Their rhythmic movements and the exciting drumbeat may urge you to join them in their performances?.

Note: Our wildlife safari programs are designed in such a way to provide you maximum satisfaction in taking pleasure from the dense jungle to the teeming exotic animals and bird. The popular jungle safari in Nepal are: Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Koshi tappu wildlife reserve among others. Nepal Tours cordially welcome you for the wonderful Jungle safari package.

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