Limi Valley Trek is one of the isolated & off the beaten path treks extending from the border of the Himalayan pass near Hilsa to another pass Chang-la between Nepal and Tibet. Hidden deep within the Himalaya is west of Nepal (Humla): the highest, most northern and remote district of Nepal. Humla Limi Valley is culturally diverse, occupied in the northern highlands by Bhotias, and in the southern valleys and riverbeds by the Khasas (Hindus). You will experience these rich and varied cultures as you trek over 16,000 ft passes, through remote villages, and explore ancient monasteries in the vivid Humla Limi Valley.

During this Humla Limi Valley Trek, you will have the chance to spot the exlusive snow leopard, bharal   (Himalayan blue sheep),  jackals, kiang (Tibetan wild ass), and musk deer. This 22 days Nepal trekking itinerary starting and ending in Kathmandu. The Off the Beaten Path Trek will take approximately 18 days, and will be moderate to strenuous, including high altitude trekking for many hours each day. The majority of this non touristy trek will take place above 10,000 ft (3,000 m), so you may feel the effects of elevation.

The best time to undertake this trek is in summer, between March and September. October is a possibility. Limi Valley is in a rain shadow area – blocked from the majority of monsoon rain by the high mountains. Hence trekking is possible even in the monsoon season of June to August when the remainder of the country is drenched with rain. Outside of the March-September window, trekking is likely to be impossible due to snow blocking the main passes.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
Day 02: Permit Preparation day / Explore Kathmandu sightseeing tour
Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Day 04: Flight to Simikot
Day 05: Trek from Simikot to Dharapori
Day 06: Trek from Dharapori to Kermi
Day 07: Trek from Kermi to Yalbang
Day 08: Trek from Yalbang to Tumkot Khola
Day 09: Trek from Tumkot to Thado Dunga
Day 10: Trek from Yari to Hilsa via Nara La Pass
Day 11: Trek from Hilsa to Manipeme
Day 12: Trek from Manipeme to Til Village
Day 13: Trek from Til village to Chagzur hot springs via Halji
Day 14: Rest day at Chagzur (Tashi Thang) hot spring
Day 15: Trek to Jade/Nyalu base camp
Day 16: Trek from Nyalu base camp to Sheng Jungma
Day 17: Trek from Sheng Jungma to Langdogd Base
Day 18: Trek from Langdogd Base to Lekh Dinga
Day 19: Trek from Lekh Dinga to Simikot
Day 20: Flight Simikot- Nepalgunj – Kathmandu
Day 21: Free day in Kathmandu
Day 22: Final departure

Limi Valley Trek
Limi Valley Trek
Humla Limi Valley
Buddhism Arts in Limi Valley

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