Nepal Tours is excited to introduce our newest Annapurna heli sightseeing, Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour gives you an exclusive opportunity to bask in the splendors of nature and experience Nepal’s dotted travel destinations from the comfort of a helicopter. You get to feast on the awesome vistas of snow-capped peaks, glaciated passes, quaint village settlements and panoramic landscapes.

Our 1:50 hours Annapurna Helicopter flight offers a scenic air sightseeing to Annapurna base camp. This Helicopter tour to Annapurna Base Camp takes you to the base of Annapurna ranges on the neighborhood of Mt. Fishtail, Gangapurna, Hiunchuli, and Nilgiri Peaks. On this tour, you get to catch the 360-degree views of the lush forests of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project and the cascading rivers..

Annapurna Base camp Helicopter landing tour start from Pokhara and end at Pokhara. We will fly near North heading straight to the Annapurna Himalayan Ridge. We will land at the Annapurna Base Camp and be given 30 minutes for Breakfast at the lap of the Mt. Annapurna. If you need a more hours then why not visit to Muktinath Tour by Helicopter. or Everest Helicopter Tour.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Cost depends on the itinerary you choose. Based on the money you pay you will get the most memories on the trip. You will be accompanied by a tour-guide and get to dine on the lap of Annapurna ranges. The total cost of Helicopter tour varies according to your starting point of the flight. Nepal Tours has a 2 option for the helicopter ride to Annapurna.

  1. ABC Helicopter Tour Cost From Kathmandu
    If you wish to fly from Kathmandu you have no option for group joining unless you have your own group. If you have your private group of 5 people then the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter is possible. Otherwise, if you are alone then you have the option to charter a helicopter for USD 4000. This cost is a bit higer than the helicopter charter from Pokhara because of the distance.
  2. ABC Helicopter Tour Cost From Pokhara
    Annapurna Helicopter Tour cost starts at USD 500 per person if you join the group of the helicopter tour with landing. But if you want to fly alone in a chartered helicopter, then the cost is USD 2200. If you wish to flu alone and enjoy everything without other traveler’s disturbace then you cna fly individually with a pilot and a guide.

Helicopter Model:
We operate with AS 350 B series chopper manufactured by Eurocopter. These France made helicopters are popular around the world for versatility and agility. They are trusted for flying in the mountainous regions.

Plus, we have a team of experienced pilots who have operated multiples helicopter flights in the region. So, if you travel with us you are in the safe hands. You can freely enjoy nature and its serenity without having to worry about your safety.

We offer you the best price and the highest value for your money. You may go on a solo tour but costs a bit higher for you. You can always join any group to save some costs. Let us know your preferred date and we will arrange as necessary.

Note: Max 5 persons are required to run the Pokhara Annapurna Helicopter Sightseeing. If you are single person and would like to do a Pokhara heli tour then you have to hire a private helicopter ride.

8:00 AM: Fly from Pokhara airport to Annapurna Base Camp
8:30 AM: Land at Annapurna Base Camp
9:00 AM: Helicopter fly back Annapurna Base Camp to Pokhara
9:30 AM: Pokhara Airport Land

Private Annapurna base camp helicopter tour available from Kathmandu airport too with extra cost.

Pokhara to Annapurna Helicopter Tour
Heli Sightseeing Pokhara
Pokhara Annapurna Heli Tour

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June 16, 2023

From the hotel pick up to the entire Annapurna Base Camp Helichopter flight everything was great. I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience.

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