Wedding Anniversary at Kalapathar
Wedding Anniversary

What do you think is the ideal way of celebrating a wedding anniversary? Throwing a party, go out on a dinner date or a movie date, hang out with friends, a romantic candle light dinner, travel, take pictures and capture the moment, cut cakes and blow up balloons and what not!! These are the list of very few things that strikes our mind when we think of it. But for David Richardson and Jessica Richardson, planning their big anniversary day was not an easy task.

California based Richardson’s are currently working in Mauritious. They wanted their big day to be unique and adventurous. Rather than having a typical boring anniversary, they wanted to come up with something totally challenging and worth remembering in years to come. Eventually, they decided to celebrate their anniversary in Kala Patthar at 5664m and feel the cold breeze of Mount Everest. They also decided to make it up to all UNESCO listed heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley.

Though their anniversary was on September, Richardson’s decided to visit Nepal on November as it was the best season to visit Nepal. It was their fifth anniversary and Nepal trip was much anticipated. “Yes! What we dreamt has been materialized. Despite of the earthquake in April and the problems caused due to economic blockade, our dream came true and we didn’t find any difficulties celebrating our anniversary,” said Jessica after accomplishing their dream anniversary and having a photo shoot on their bridal wears at all the places. She added that the only dificulty she faced was fitting on the same bridal attire for five consecutive years. It was quite a challenge!

The couple said that they were highly overwhelmed by the warm hospitality of Nepalese people. They were inspired by the warmth of the people, the endurance and patience at gasoline lines, the way Nepalese people adapted to almost everything, their kind nature and then they were awestruck by the mountains. The couple further added that nothing can beat their 5th anniversary in Kathmandu. It was one hell of an experience and a lifetime achievement for them. It was the best anniversary celebration they have ever had. They had celebrated their first anniversary in Salsburg, second in Brussel, third in Rome,fourth in Mauritius and fifth in Nepal.

“We are even more happy after learning the fact that we have set a new  record of celebrating anniversary on Bridal attire at Kalapathar. It was indeed a proud moment”, says David and Jessica in a common voice. “We are returning back today with a message that Nepal is safe, secure, beautiful and welcoming as before despite of going through a hard time. Accurate global message needs to be spread to deliver correct message to people around the globe. Hey travellers ! Do visit this beautiful country now as there are less tourist in many mountains and you can enjoy a lot. If you want the madness to yourself, do pay a visit to Nepal.”, said David and Jessica.

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