Pilgrimage Tours

Nepal Tours offers pilgrimage tours to give the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of past travelers. View the different itineraries online today. Nepal has many holy pilgrimage sites for Both Hindu and Buddhist religious groups which are manly visited by devotes time to time during the especial occasion. Generally some of the most visited sites ever crowed by pilgrimage groups. Holy Hindu Temple Pashupatinath you have an encounter with holy shadhus who are living their life scarifying to Lord Shiva to pay attention and other many religious activities of Hindu society. Bauddhanath stupa and Swayambhunath you will see many Buddhist religious group and also dual religious groups Hindus together visit to pray for peace to Lord Buddha. Except these outside Kathmandu there are also many other famous sites which are crowded by pilgrimage people.Among of them are birth place of Lord Buddha Lumbini, Muktinath Temple, Manakamana Temple & Gosainkunda Lake. In Words its thousands time worthy and blissful to visit those places than you spend, you may check with us best season and special occasion days to make your visit more worth.


Nepal is also the Gateway to Kailash Mansarovar, the mythical abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees from various parts of Nepal and India throng the temples during special festivals. Even though weak infrastructure renders some places hard to reach, efforts are being made on national level to develop and promote some popular sites.

Muktinath Charter Helicopter Tour

Muktinath Charter Helicopter Tour is just for those people who are eager to visit Holy Muktinath Temple and does not have the time

Muktinath Tour Package

Are you looking for Muktinath Tour. Nepal Tours has a option for road, flight or private helicopter charter from Kathmandu & Pokhara. Visit

Nepal Buddhist Tour

Nepal Buddhist Tour let you eyewitnesses the religious tolerance and harmony found in Nepal, which is perhaps a unique example to the world.