Asia has so many amazing parts to it – as well as the beauty of Nepal, there’s also the bright metropolis of Singapore, the ancient traditions of Japan, or the countryside of the Philippines. Each country offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to reward visitors who go off the well-beaten tourist tracks of these places. Here’s how you can do that in three of our best picks of Asia.

Singapore – take a tour at night

This small country encapsulates what modern Asia is all about: sleek, modern buildings, stunning structures and bright lights. When is it best to see the bright lights? At night, of course!

Take a river cruise and see the city from the water, or explore the Marina Bay area – which really comes alive once the sun sets. If there’s one place you go to after dark, though, it’s the Gardens by the Bay.

This is where you can stare up in awe at the Supertree Grove with its beautiful plants and light displays, then wander through the calming gardens after a day of sightseeing. You can maybe pop in to the Flower Dome for its continuous spring-like conditions that present visitors with bright blooms.

Japan – make traditional foods

If you think of Japan, you may have an image of buzzing cities, something kawaii or even the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. Great though those images may be, you just can’t take that feeling back home with you when your trip comes to an end. What if you could?

Nothing gets our memories going more than a smell or taste of a meal that we’ve had before. It takes us back to that time and place, so going for a cooking class means you can try and recreate the experience when you’re back home. You can also get to learn more about the traditional Japanese culture through making your food and from your host.

You can book classes to make any of the local delicacies, from sushi to noodles to gyoza (dumplings). They can be booked in most of the larger, popular tourist towns and cities of Japan.

Philippines – see the rainforest

The capital city, Manila, can get hot and busy so it might not be for everyone at first, but it’s worth the trip because it’s a fantastic base to explore this gorgeous country.

One must-do experience is to visit the Masungi Georeserve. It’s just over an hour’s drive from Manila, but the views you get when you arrive (and on the road journey there) are more than worth it.

Make sure you take a sturdy pair of boots when you go; there are rope courses on the main trail, as well as a hanging bridge, and the terrain is not for the faint-hearted. Yet the adventure of trekking through this rainforest, and the reward you’ll get as you reach the summit of each peak and obstacle, will give you memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

If you are a newly married couple, then we would like to welcome for Honeymoon Tour in Nepal. Choosing a holiday destination is always a hard task, and if you are searching for honeymoon vacation. Then you will find it more complicated to choose among different places. This article will guide you to Nepal Honeymoon Packages with prices for a couple. Though Nepal is a landlocked country. Nepal is a country of mountains, and it is a prominent place to pay a visit for a comfortable and adventurous trip.Nepal is an amalgamation of multiple romantic features like mountain ranges, deep valleys, narrow walkways, and peaceful lakes. It is magical and mythical; spiritual and serene at the same time. If you are recently married and you need a romantic places and scintillating destination to start your new life with your better half; Nepal couldn’t be any better destination to give you the flavor of beauty, culture, and diversity all served together as one with the Himalayas, undying cultural diversities, awesome lakes, and destinations, trekking places, the lovely monuments with ancient pagodas, the hills, villages, and all. It is a perfect places for a honeymoon in Nepal. The dreamland will offer you the best of romantic moods, aura and spirits and will make your love bloom with full glory. Here we go with 05 handpicked places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon.

Top 5 Honeymoon Places Nepal


It’s the capital city of Nepal, and is so special for all the newly married couples, so spent your time in a liberal but culturally defined city. Here, couples can explore the city with temples , monuments, cultural heritages, ancient pagodas, and restaurants. Kathmandu, additionally, offers the possibility of encountering generally served Nepalese authentic food with so many appealing hotels.

Kathmandu Tour Package
Kathmandu Tour Package

Key attractions: Bird’s eye view of Mount Everest and Himalayan ranges in the mountain flight tour operated by local airlines, Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath temple, Dakshin Kali temple, Kopan and Shechen monasteries, wildness and beauty of Langtang National Park, and the alluring and glittering nightlife at Casino Royale and Casino Anna

Best places to stay: Hyatt Regency, Crowne Plaza, and Hotel Annapurna

Best time to visit: September – November and February – April for Kathmandu visit, monsoons for picture-perfect Himalayas


Apart form all the cities, Nagarkot is a very famous place among many hilltop stations in Nepal – where you can spend you perfect honeymoon trip. It’s just 32km away from the capital Kathmandu, which is packed with hotels and restaurants. It is famous for sunrise and sunset views with possible views of Himalayas, too.

Langtang Mountain Range
Langtang Mountain Range

Key attractions: View of the Mount Everest and Annapurna Range, view of the first rays of the Sun falling on the peaks of Himalayas at sunrise, and trekking along the winding tracks and thick woods

Best places to stay: Club Himalayan Resort, Hotel Country Villa, and The Fort Resort

Best time to visit: October – April; especially for the clear view of Mount Everest


The small settlement of Balthali village (1,730m.) is standing on a plateau, just beyond Panauti above 40 Km away from Kathmandu. The village is situated at the junction of Roshi and Ladku rivers. This exceptional hamlet stands at an outstanding place of isolation and relaxation amidst a surround of typical Nepali countryside with terraced rice fields and ochre thatched farm houses. With snowy peaks of Dorjee Lhakpa, Langtang and whole range of mountain rests clear and bright on the northern horizon. Whist the backyard is dominated by high hills of lush green Maharabharat Range. The region is thickly forested with luxuriant growth of various floras. Colorful rhododendron, Mangolia and Sal trees cover the hill that undulates and opens out to terrace fields. Nature lovers and bird watchers can spend days exploring and discovering some exceptional species of wildlife, tradition and culture untouched by modernity. Many of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries such as Namo Buddha, Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Brahmayani Temple are located in this region.

Key attractions: View snowy peaks of Dorjee Lhakpa, Langtang and whole range of mountain rests clear and bright on the northern horizon

Best places to stay: Balthali Eco Hill Resort, Balthali Resort

Best time to visit: October – April; especially for the clear view of Mount Everest


This is the chance for making a thematic honeymoon. Let the first trip with your life partner be in and around the Newari culture at the fascinating and serene Bandipur in Nepal.

Key attractions: Romance topped with thrill at the Siddha Gufa, Annapurna short-circle trekking, jungle safari, and the serene silkworm farm

Best places to stay: Gaun Ghar, The Old Inn, Hotel Bandipur Organic Home

Best time to visit: March – May


The city of lakes – is one of the superb and enthralling places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon. For a newly married couple, Pokhara is a dreamland, with picture-perfect setting of Himalayan Range, lakes, deep valleys, and winding trek paths. The luxurious accommodation options make the place a paradise for honeymooners.

Begnas Lake
Begnas Lake

Key attractions: A view of the engrossing Annapurna Range, romantic boating at Phewa Tal (second largest lake of Nepal), marital bliss at the age-old Bhimsen Temple, and Phoenix Paragliding

Best places to stay: Fishtail Lodge, Waterfront Resort, and Hotel Dream Pokhara

Best time to visit: March – May; for non-foggy and comfortable weather


Do you think that the beautiful journey of your marriage should begin from a beautiful destination? Planning a surprise honeymoon is an ultimate romantic gesture, and the greatest gift you could ever give her/him. Nepal Tours introduces great Honeymoon Tour Package for Couples who wish to make their honeymoon the most beautiful and memorable event of their life.

Travel Insurance is mandatory for all customers looking to travel in Nepal with the Nepal Tours. The Travel Insurance must cover both the medical and emergency evacuation cost. We recommend that your insurance is worth a minimum of USD 100,000. If you don’t have insurance when trekking in Nepal then not only is your life in real danger but it will end up costing you your health and your bank account. The obvious afflictions when trekking are things like a sprained ankle or even a broken bone.

I’ve seen plenty of these when trekking. The not so obvious are afflictions like altitude sickness, food poisoning, hypothermia, appendix ruptures, skin infections and respiratory infections. If any of the above happens to you at 4,900 feet up a mountain then there’s a strong chance you won’t want to be spending days or weeks trekking back to Kathmandu to a hospital. You’ll need a helicopter to get you down. A helicopter evacuation in Nepal costs a minimum of USD $5,000. That’s not including any hospital treatment or in-flight medical services which are now mandatory.

Not everyone knows about the best travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. Now that you know that travel insurance exists, you must be curious about why you might need it. It may seem like you do. Or it could sound like a burdened cost.

What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurances is the insurance that basically covers trip cancellation, travel medical insurance, flight accident, luggage lost and other losses incurred while traveling. Some travel policies cover damage to personal property, rented equipment. Some travel insurances also cover the cost of paying a ransom. Travel Insurance is also popularly known as travelers’ insurance.

Travel Insurance is usually sold as a package by travel companies. Some companies will give you the option while other companies will have travel insurance included while buying tickets or trek packages.

Travel Insurance Coverage

You now know what travel insurance is. Also, every travel insurance is different, based on the incidents they cover and the price of the packages you choose. So what are the things the travel insurance, you pick, needs to cover? It is better to buy travel insurance that cover the following area.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance:
    Trip cancellation insurance covers you in the event when you or your traveling companions need to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip. In simple words, trip cancellation insurances cover for you when you experience an interruption in traveling.
  • Travel Medical Insurance:
    Travel Medical Insurance covers you in the case you become ill or injured while you are trekking. This insurance should also help you locate doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities if you become ill or injured during the trip. You will want to choose the insurance according to the length of your trip.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance:
    Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance is one of the most important insurance coverage you need. It provides you coverage for the medically necessary evacuation and transportation to medical facilities.Lookout for an insurance company which offers this service even at around 6,000 meters above sea level. Treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and Cho-La Pass – Gokyo Trek covers grounds at around 4000+ meters.
  • Baggage coverage:
    Baggage coverage covers things such as loss of checked luggage, baggage delay up to various amounts. The coverage depends on the policies and packages provided. Some policies may just pay for the additional expenses you incur because you lost your luggage and reimburse you for those items.
  • Accidental Death and Flight Accident Insurance:
    Accidental death and flight accident insurance is paid out in case an accident results in the death or serious injury of the trekker/insurer.
  • Personal money, passport and travel documents:
    This coverage is good to have in your insurance agreement. Losing your belongings and theft is only too common. You will want to be insured for money, passport and travel documents you carry on our trip. You should know there are many other categories your travel insurance should cover, like extreme sports, trip interruption coverage, accommodation cover, and legal expenses. Make sure to check your insurance policies first.

Some of the Recommended Travel Insurance for Nepal are:

For Canadians and Americans:


For Australians and New Zealanders:


For British:

  • (British Mountaineering Council)
  • (Select Grade 4 cover – Sport Cover)

For Europe:


For South-Africa:


What do you think is the ideal way of celebrating a wedding anniversary? Throwing a party, go out on a dinner date or a movie date, hang out with friends, a romantic candle light dinner, travel, take pictures and capture the moment, cut cakes and blow up balloons and what not!! These are the list of very few things that strikes our mind when we think of it. But for David Richardson and Jessica Richardson, planning their big anniversary day was not an easy task.

California based Richardson’s are currently working in Mauritious. They wanted their big day to be unique and adventurous. Rather than having a typical boring anniversary, they wanted to come up with something totally challenging and worth remembering in years to come. Eventually, they decided to celebrate their anniversary in Kala Patthar at 5664m and feel the cold breeze of Mount Everest. They also decided to make it up to all UNESCO listed heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley.

Though their anniversary was on September, Richardson’s decided to visit Nepal on November as it was the best season to visit Nepal. It was their fifth anniversary and Nepal trip was much anticipated. “Yes! What we dreamt has been materialized. Despite of the earthquake in April and the problems caused due to economic blockade, our dream came true and we didn’t find any difficulties celebrating our anniversary,” said Jessica after accomplishing their dream anniversary and having a photo shoot on their bridal wears at all the places. She added that the only dificulty she faced was fitting on the same bridal attire for five consecutive years. It was quite a challenge!

The couple said that they were highly overwhelmed by the warm hospitality of Nepalese people. They were inspired by the warmth of the people, the endurance and patience at gasoline lines, the way Nepalese people adapted to almost everything, their kind nature and then they were awestruck by the mountains. The couple further added that nothing can beat their 5th anniversary in Kathmandu. It was one hell of an experience and a lifetime achievement for them. It was the best anniversary celebration they have ever had. They had celebrated their first anniversary in Salsburg, second in Brussel, third in Rome,fourth in Mauritius and fifth in Nepal.

“We are even more happy after learning the fact that we have set a new  record of celebrating anniversary on Bridal attire at Kalapathar. It was indeed a proud moment”, says David and Jessica in a common voice. “We are returning back today with a message that Nepal is safe, secure, beautiful and welcoming as before despite of going through a hard time. Accurate global message needs to be spread to deliver correct message to people around the globe. Hey travellers ! Do visit this beautiful country now as there are less tourist in many mountains and you can enjoy a lot. If you want the madness to yourself, do pay a visit to Nepal.”, said David and Jessica.

Please check the Wedding Anniversary Tour.